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余ったハギレ生地でパッチワークのペンケースを作る/Patch-worked colourful pencil case



◎Rainbow Weaving Art | Melbourne | Award-winning textile artist

▼ 虹織りアートワークショップ – 撮影 Shion Zion ▼
▼ 虹織りアートを創作中 – 撮影 Shion Zion ▼
Waste pieces from cutting cloth were patch-worked
Inside: Green polka dot fabric

I love stationery and I carry lots of pens and pencils. I had many small pieces of fabric from various sewing projects. Each fabric piece was tiny and not big enough to make something. So, I decided to do a bit of patch-work and made a pencil case.

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▼ 虹織りアートワークショップ – 撮影 Shion Zion ▼
▼ 森の妖精と虹織りアート服 – 撮影 Shion Zion ▼
虹織りアーティスト 陽子

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