Remaking an apron out of a dress

A new sewing project from my friend, Vanessa. I’ve been preparing to remake an apron out of a flower-patterned one-piece dress. Followings are the aprons I had created for my friends a while ago.  I’m thinking to use the similar pattern for this new apron project.





As the dress is made with Viscose (basically, same as rayon. Most European labels will have it as Viscose, with the American equivalent of rayon), and it has a silky appearance and feel. It breathes like cotton and has a good drape.
In order to remake this one-piece dress into an apron, I’m thinking to use another fabric as a lining, as well as apron strings and a pocket.
Using the fabrics I already had at home, I made several colour combination samples to show Venessa.   (I personally like the third one with the mustard colour). As the dress material already has a lot of fun colours and patterns on itself, I would think that apron strings and a pocket needs a plain coloured fabric–Otherwise, the apron might look “too noisy”.
(1) Bright red. Cotton.
(2) Somewhat darker red than (1). Cotton.
(3) Mustard colour. Cotton.


(4) Yellow, Green, Brown. Wrinkle finish crape. Maybe polyester?
(5) Light green. Linen.
(6) A bit shinny blue.  Maybe polyester & cotton?
(7) Shinny violet. Maybe silk?
(8) Wrinkle finish crape. Maybe polyester?
(9) Cream white. Calico (Unbleached natural cotton 100%)

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