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シドニーのアパートのオークション見学/Auction: a dual level 2 bedroom apartment in Sydney



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Hand out-Photos
Hand out-Floor plans
Hand out-Details
Level 1-Living room
Level 1-Kitchen (Ceiling lights, Pantry)
Level 1-Kitchen (Tiled floor, Bench top, Sinks, Cabinets)
Level 1-Storage
Level 1-Living room, Entrance door
Level 2-Landry
Level 2-Bathroom (Basin, Bathtub)
Level 2-Bathroom (Bathtub)
Level 2-Bathroom (Shower)
Level 2-Bedroom 1 (Master bedroom, 3.3m x 3.3m)
Level 2-Bedroom 1
Level 2-Bedroom 1
Level 2-Bedroom 2 (With a balcony, 3.6 x 2.4m)
Level 2-Bedroom 2 (Balcony)
Level 2-Bedroom 2
Level 2-Bedroom 1 (Walk-in closet)
For the first time in my life, I observed the process of selling an apartment at an auction today!!

Around 2:50pm, I arrived the apartment.  A young handsome real estate agent was showing the apartment.  I saw many Asian-looking people (Mainly Chinese speakers) and some Australians there. I was surprised to see that those Chinese-speaking people didn’t spend a lot of time looking at all the details in the apartment–they were in the apartment only for 3 minutes or so!! (Maybe they were not intending to live in this apartment by themselves, but renting the space for someone else???) The agent said that the whole apartment was renovated recently. Many room fixtures (e.g., Kitchen tiles, Kitchen ceiling lights, Bench top, Basin, Bathtub, Shower, Bathroom tiles, Closet, Carpet) seemed brand new, indeed.

I was surprised to see all the furniture already set in the rooms. But the agent guy told me that those furniture are there for the demonstration purpose only so that the buyer has to furnish by him/herself.  The whole apartment was decorated beautifully.  White walls, beige carpet, and other furniture were white, beige, or transparent colours. Quite neutral colours so that this would appeal to more people. But bright and vivid colours (e.g., Red, Green, Blue) were used for bed pillows or a cushion cover to make nice focal points.  
Some descriptions from the handout:
-Sun drenched living and dining area leading onto a practical balcony.
-Updated kitchen with stainless steel appliances and ample storage.
-Master bedroom with walk-in robe, second bedroom with built-in robe and own balcony.
-Neat bathroom with bath and separate shower. 
-Oversized landry room providing storage/study space, under stairs storage/wine cellar.
-Brand new carpet throughout and freshly painted.
-Security intercom, extra long lock-up garage offering additional room for storage.
-Well maintained building with low strata levy.
-The building was built in 1981.
On the handout, I saw the floor plans, which seemed to be drawn by autoCAD.  I’ve been using autoCAD to design the interior spaces for my school assignments, too.  I was quite moved to discover that I could read the floor plans now (cuz I didn’t have any clue before I started my school). 
From 3pm, the auction started at a nearby park outside. About 50 people were there. On the handout,  the price guide was indicated as “Over $650,000”.  The auctioneer guy announced to start the auction from $600,000. 4 men perticipated the auction.  The price went up quite dramatically, like “$620, $630, $640, $650, $660…”  The price was often going up $10,000 every time!! (Wow!) As this was the first time for me to see the auction, I imagined that the price would go up a bit by bit, like $1,000. The final price was $755,000. The Asian guy (about 30’s?) who won the bidding clenched his fists in triumph and looked very happy.  
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