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Awesome stationery found in Sydney



◎Rainbow Weaving Art | Melbourne | Award-winning textile artist

▼ 虹織りアートワークショップ – 撮影 Shion Zion ▼
▼ 虹織りアートを創作中 – 撮影 Shion Zion ▼
$2.80 each from DAISO
$2.80 each from DAISO
Eraser & refills for $2.80 from DAISO
Various calligraphy pens from various stores (they aren’t $2.80)
$2.80 each from DAISO

I love stationery. I love it when I discover really good ones. and I love it more if it happen to be quite cheap, but very useful. I often go to DAISO store (a Japanese stationery store that sells everything for $2.80 each) and find goodies.

The brush pens are very good and I use a lot. I love black one for bold writing & drawing, but grey one is subtle and quite beautiful, too.
0.9mm automatic pencil is wonderful. It is very smooth to write and I use it for note taking during the classes. 2B pencil refills were amazing. 1 case contains 50 refills. With $2.80, you get 100 refills!
Eraser & refills were also $2.80. I use this when I do detailed drawings (e.g.,  perspective drawing). The tip of this eraser is so narrow and I don’t need to worry about accidentally erasing important lines.
I love calligraphy pens. Sakura pen = widest, brown ink, very smooth without scratchy feelings.  Artline calligraphy pen = black, 2mm, pen tip is harder than above Sakura pen. I personally prefer Sakura pen tip because it is softer and not scratchy. Fountain pen with a music nib = I like that way that a fountain pen ink can create the beautiful colour gradation.
Silver & Gold permanent marker were also $2.80 each. These pen are good to write/draw on dark papers.
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▼ 虹織りアートワークショップ – 撮影 Shion Zion ▼
▼ 森の妖精と虹織りアート服 – 撮影 Shion Zion ▼

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