Design processes, “Hotel brochure” idea


Made 3 samples for ‘hotel brochure’ (Hotel logo “A” on the leather). We’ll attach key-shaped usb memory stick later
Package idea for the hotel key
Inside the package
Concept model
Concept model
Added images onto the concept model

[From brief]”The first part of a design process involves researching and analysing factors associated with a design, through effectively defining the design challenge and communicating this back to the client in the form of a project proposal (sometimes called a return brief).  In this project you will research parameters for the design and decoration of a hotel project and produce a design brief and a ‘brochure’ that clearly defines the design challenge…”

This is a group project and we need to create a creative “hotel brochure”. I sew this 3 sample pieces yesterday. I had a few leather stock at home and chose the leather colours that would be closer to our hotel theme colours (Grey, Grey-green, White). I attached the darkest grey leather piece for now, but this bit can be easily swapped if my group members want different colours. instead. We’ll attach a key-shaped USB memory stick (which would have our hotel info) onto this key holder later.  

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