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Design methodology, Pattern research



Rainbow Weaving Art | Melbourne | Award-winning textile artist

◆【虹織りアートを創作中 – 撮影&編集 Shion Zion】◆
2D pattern
Using above 2D pattern as an inspiration, created a 3D model
3D model
3D model
2D pattern
3D model, which was created from above 2D pattern

3D model
3D model
Pattern research folder 

[From brief] “You are to prepare a report about the design principle of ‘pattern’ by researching and analysing examples of visual patterns in the decorative arts and design.  You will research various sources and select a minimum of 10 diverse examples of visual patterns that demonstrate different aspects of pattern design and construction….” 
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◆【虹織りアート体験ワークショップ – 撮影&編集 Shion Zion】◆
◆【森の妖精の虹織りアート服 – 撮影&編集 Shion Zion】◆
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