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Residential design, Confined space



◎Rainbow Weaving Art | Melbourne | Award-winning textile artist

▼ 虹織りアートワークショップ – 撮影 Shion Zion ▼
▼ 虹織りアートを創作中 – 撮影 Shion Zion ▼
Concept model: ‘Read between the lines”
House photo
House photo
Model–Exterior staircase (Tiles on risers: Mid-Victorian gothic style architecture)
Model–Interior staircase (Miro-inspired colours on stained-glass stair risers)



Model–Exterior walls
Model–Interior design
From above
Entrance stairs/Kitchen
Kitchen bench/Dining
WC in bathroom
Shower in bathroom/Garden
Garden bathtub under the bougainvillaea pergola
Inspiration source–Near my apartment
Office space for husband and wife
Tall bookcase with a library rolling ladder
Staircase under the light well/bedroom
Light well/Master bedroom
Light well–The sunlight can reach the basement
Basement multi-purpose room–Living/Nook/Dance/Guest bedroom
Tango dance partner–Danced with him in my presentation!!
Handsome faced dance partner’s close-up shot
Presen board
Presen board
Holbein artists’ water colour–My favourite medium at the moment
Floor plan–Level 2 (Ground level, Lower mezzanine), 3 (First level, Upper mezzanine)
Ceiling plan–Level 2 (Ground level, Lower mezzanine), 3 (First level, Upper mezzanine)
Floor plan–Level 1 (Basement)
My concept (Watercolour paint)
Watercolour paints
Section A-A
Section B-B
Section C-C

A working couple have bought a very narrow burnt out house at 43A Edgware Road, Enmore.  You have been asked to design the interior of their home.  The clients are passionate about sustainable design and want an innovative, contemporary design that respects the integrity of the original building.  You are to develop a concept from the building, its site and/or the needs, interests and personalities of the clients. The clients have diverse occupations.  One is a book editor who will operate from the home via the computer and has a passion for Latin American music.  The other is a landscape designer and loves the artwork of the Spanish artist Miro.  The couple enjoy entertaining and require guest accommodation for one visiting couple.  The main body of the house is in sound condition.  The couple are aware that it will be a confined space.  If at any time you are not sure you are on track consult the clients.  They are sympathetic to suggestions which may deviate from the brief, as long as they can be justified.

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▼ 虹織りアートワークショップ – 撮影 Shion Zion ▼
▼ 森の妖精と虹織りアート服 – 撮影 Shion Zion ▼

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