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Design Centre Enmore, Sydney TAFE – Graduated with the Diploma of Interior Design!















































I went to Design Centre Enmore today and paid all the outstanding tuition fee. I’m now officially graduated from the school with the Diploma of Interior Design  It was the hardest and busiest 2 years to study at TAFE.  I’ve already had my Bachelor and Master’s degrees in Drama in Canada, but I felt that this TAFE course was a lot harder. (My Aussie classmate who already had her Master’s in Psychology also said same thing) Assignments were not easy, but do-able. But the hardest thing was to finish the large quantity of assignments within the limited time.   
Last 2 months was the busiest to finish all my assignments and the graduate exhibition – I literally had no time to clean up the apartment and the pile of 3D models, CAD drawings, and presentation boards were everywhere in the living room, couch, or any flat surface.  No time to cook any proper meals, and ate a lot of quick meals (e.g., pasta) for the last 2 months.  Lack of sleep for many days and I felt like crying. But when my graduate exhibition was over, I felt the great sense of achievement and I was so glad I studied at this school.  
After paying my tuition fees, I walked around the campus. 2 years of memories came back as I walked around the campus –  classroom where I did a group presentations, a studio room where I struggled to design a residential house, a studio room where I painted the colour wheel, a cafeteria where I had lunch with my classmates, a bookstore where I bought my form cores and paper to make 3D models, a computer room to do my AutoCAD assignments…. Recalling all the memories of hard working 2 years and I felt quite sentimental – some tears came out from my eyes… Thank you and good bye, Design Centre Enmore!! 
今日は未払い分の学費を納めにDesign Centre Enmoreの学校に足を運びました。学費も全額払い終えて、これで正式にDiploma of Interior Designのコースを卒業しました!このTAFEでの2年間は本当に大変で忙しいものでした。独身時代に、カナダの4年制大学と大学院で演劇を学んだことはありましたが、このコースはずっと大変でした(オーストラリア人のクラスメートで、すでに心理学を大学院で学んだ人がいましたが、彼女も同じことを言ってました)。課題は簡単ではありませんでしたが、やって出来ないレベルのものではありませんでした。でも大変だったのは、課題の量がとにかく膨大に多く、限られた時間内に終わらせるのが一番大変でした。
学費を払った後は、キャンパス内を歩いて回りました。2年間の思い出がこみ上げて来ました:グループプレゼンをやった教室、住居デザインのアイディアを思いつく為に苦しんだスタジオルーム、カラーホイールを絵の具で塗った教室、クラスメートとランチを食べたカフェテリア、建築モデルの材料を買いに走った文房具屋、オートCADの課題を仕上げたコンピュータールーム・・・。必死で一生懸命走り続けた2年間の思い出がこみ上げてきて、涙がホロリ。ありがとう、そしてサヨナラ、Design Centre Enmore!! 




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