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Residential design, Zen bathroom, Re-packaging assignments

Loose style rendering-Inspired by Kumiko Inui (Pastel)
Tight style rendering-Inspired by Kengo Kuma (Watercolour)
Last semester, I completed my Zen bathroom design assignment. I used Copic marker for rendering. 

This time, my teacher asked me to pick 2 distinct rendering styles (Loose drawing and Tight drawing) , which were done by other professional designers.  I chose Kumiko Inui for Loose one, and Kengo Kuma for Tight one.  Then, the teacher asked me to re-package my bathroom design in those 2 styles (Meaning “coping other people’s styles”).  I used pastel for the first time in my life–took me a while to learn how to use this medium, but I quite enjoyed it.



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