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Methods2, Pro3 – Furniture design



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[DESIGN METHODS 2] Project 3: Interior Product – Furniture Design Inspired by Nature



  • You are to design a furniture piece with a strong concept derived from nature – inspired by the
    forms, the structures and the elements of the natural world. 
  • Based on your own research you are to respond to the wants and needs of this
    demographic and the constraints of apartment living through the design of a furniture
    product, which will innovatively support their contemporary lifestyle. This could be
    ultimately part of range.
  • You are to research the rituals and values associated with apartment living and consider
    the furnishing issues such as the need for compact, foldable, stackable or multi functional
  • Consideration should be given to the issues of sustainability and the impact of the raw
    materials and production processes on the environment – materials, toxicity, maintenance,
    durability and economics.
Your clients are middle-income earners in their mid twenties to mid forties. They are living
in apartments in the major metropolitan centres throughout Australia.


Ergonomics, dimensions, materials, finishes. Design detailing and construction illustrated through:-

– Detailed model indicating finishes – scale appropriate to design– Design line drawings – plans, elevations, sections and details, consider fixings and mechanics if

movement is involved – scale appropriate to design
– 3D sketches of the furniture piece or range indicating finishes and materials
– Rendered perspective insitu – include figures through the use of CAD and photoshop
– Presented on coordinating A2 boards or as appropriate to design
– 250 word statement explanation including the brief requirements, design concept, materials

and proposed manufacturing/fabrication of the design piece with reference to the sustainability
considerations that have been included. This is presented in the form of a brochure

– Name for your design

YOKO’S 250 WORD STATEMENT EXPLANATION (Including the brief requirements, design concept, materials and proposed manufacturing/fabrication of the design piece with reference to the sustainability): 
Inspired by the medieval porter’s chair, which protected the guard as he screened visitors for the Lord of the Manor, the ANGLERFISH CHAIR builds on this classic design of a enclosed, high- back chair with modern enhancements for contemporary apartment dwellers.  The side lantern that accompanied the porter, for this modern version is moved to the chair’s crown as inspired by the overhead lure of an Anglerfish, and is now an internal, energy efficient LED light powered by a lightweight integrated solar battery that works on internal daylight as well as direct sunlight. Suitable for the apartment living room or a balcony space, the ANGLERFISH CHAIR’s hood not only offers protection from unpredictable weather (cold breezes, too much sun), it also provides privacy and seclusion. Outside, the hood protects from the gazes of neighbouring balconies, while inside the hood filters out other stimuli (TVs, computer screens) that accumulate in the confined spaces of apartment living. For the chronic snoozer, the ANGLERFISH CHAIR is a soothing cocoon, with a lightweight surface of weatherproof, durable, but most importantly comfortable DEDON fibre (Polyethylene).For convenience, the flat top armrest is suitable for laptop and tablets and what was once the porter’s lantern notch has, at the armrest’s furthest point converted to a beverage holder, allowing the occupier to remain idle for longer. Below the armrest is the light switch and both sides of the hood has an inside pockets, resembling the gills of a fish, for storage of reading materials. 

ANGLERFISH CHAIR—PRODUCT FEATURES:– Convenient for apartment balcony space, or living room.  
– Unique shape provides privacy and ‘me time’ 
– Water proof materials. 
– DEDON Fiber. 
– Tough yet elegant and comfortable.   
– Non-toxic, fully recyclable, ecologically sound and ozone-friendly

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