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Acting job for trainee psychiatrists / 精神病医研修生のロールプレイ実習にて演じる

Acting CV/パフォーマンス履歴


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Royal North Shore Hospital
Royal North Shore Hospital
Image of a doctor and a patient (this photo is quite similar to how we did it today)

I did a role play acting for trainee psychiatrists and specialist international medical graduates at the Royal North Shore Hospital on SAT, 18th of April. This was a big exam for those trainees and graduates. (I didn’t know there was such a job existed. But I learned this role play exam has been getting more common nowadays, and used at many medical schools) As many things are confidential, I don’t go over the details here, but I performed Sarah, a mother who recently agreed to be a foster mother.  Sarah has been fostering a 10 years old girl who was removed from her abusive family.  As this was highly confidential, all details (e.g., full descriptions of Sarah’s character, background info, and how to perform this character) were given to the actors on the day before the exam. It was written in a small font on the 3 sheets of A4 size paper. 

I got to do this role-play work with 16 candidates in total. Each candidate was assessed by 2 examiners.  It was so interesting to see how each candidate responded and interacted with me even if I stayed in a same character and performing consistent…  

This work made me to realise how hard to be a good doctor, too! A good doctor requires to have the ability to ask appropriate questions, listen and gather as much as relevant information from the patient.  Then, he/she needs to retain all information in his/her head, connect dots within the gathered information, and analyse the symptoms.  And finally, reaching a conclusion for what it is, and explain it to the patient with the language that patient would understand.  The doctor also needs to be aware of the time limit–he/she might have only 15 minutes appointment for each patient, but he/she can’t bluntly say ‘sorry, I don’t have much time to talk with you’.  In order to identify an illness,large volume of information needs to be memorised because the doctor can’t google in front of the patient… 

2 examiners I closely worked as a team are usually working as doctors in different hospitals.  I told them that I realized how hard to become a good doctor.  The doctors replied, “I realised how hard to be a good actor, too!” I guess the universe gives us the best ‘part / role’ that we can play in this world… 





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Acting CV/パフォーマンス履歴
虹織りアーティスト 陽子

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