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Performed in ‘My Town’ in Tokyo(March 2008)

Acting CV/パフォーマンス履歴



“Character Pieces-This Town.” Perf. Yoko Kawabata, et al. Dir. Yelena Gluzman & Yoko Ishiguro. Kitazawa Town Hall, Tokyo Japan. 2 Mar 2008.

作品名:キャラクター・ピース-ディス・タウン。パフォーマー: 川畑陽子、その他。 演出:Yelena Gluzman & 石黒曜子。東京、北沢タウンホール。2008年3月2日。

About Yelena Gluzman/演出家Yelena Gluzmanさん詳細

Yelena Gluzman is a theater artist. She makes full-scale performance works with her company ‘Science Project’, in Tokyo and abroad.

She is a freelance videographer and teaches scientific writing at Tokyo University.

Soon, she will be the co-director of the Corpo Plumhill Playhouse, a make-shift theater/conference room/exhibition space/publishing hut/secret bar/alienation center/screening room/library near Shimokitazawa.


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