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Participated in Keith Johnstone trance mask workshops/キース・ジョンストン氏のマスク・ワークショップに参加

Acting CV/パフォーマンス履歴

⬆︎ (Video borrowed from Keith’s YouTube/上の動画はKeith氏のYouTubeからお借りしました)



Title: Keith Johnstone’s Trance Mask Workshop.

Venue: Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Duration: Once a week for a year for 2004-2005.

[My friend Sharon Adams invited me to Keith Johnstone’s Mask Workshop when I was at the University of Calgary. I participated in the group for about a year. In this mask workshop, I also met Dennis Cahill from The Loose Moose Theatre.

*The Loose Moose Theatre Wiki:

Keith Johnstone – trance masks excerpt

Trance Masks excerpt:Keith is famous for inventing Theatresports and other impro formats. His theories on performance are based in his development of comic mask techniques. This is a rare video of him actually teaching. Hi res DVD available at

*Keith Johnstone web:

*Keith Johnstone wiki:

*Keith Johnstone book: Johnstone, Keith (1979). Impro: improvisation and the theatre. New York: Theatre Arts Books.





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