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Performed in the original piece ‘Memories of Foreseen Present’/オリジナルのパフォーマンス・アート作品「Memories of Foreseen Present」で演じる

Acting CV/パフォーマンス履歴

⬆︎ Samuel Garrigo Meza (Left), Yoko (Right)


⬆︎ Eric Moschopedis


⬆︎ Eric Moschopedis


⬆︎ Cedric James


Performance Details

Title: Memories of Foreseen Present.

Performers: Yoko Kawabata, Eric Moschopedis, Cedric Jamet, and Samuel Garrigo Meza.

Venue: The Pumphouse Theatres, Calgary.

Performed date: 12 Mar. 2003.

Summary: I performed in a collectively created performance art piece for the Calgary Region One-Act Play Festival.


作品名:Memories of Foreseen Present


公演場所:The Pumphouse Theatres、カルガリー市、カナダ。


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