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Performed in the original piece ‘That Black Long Thing’/オリジナルのパフォーマンス・アート作品「That Black Long Thing」で演じる

Acting CV/パフォーマンス履歴

⬆︎ Epcor Centre for Performing Arts (Source:

Performance Details

Title: That Black Long Thing.

Perf. Yoko Kawabata and Danu.

In a public corridor, the Epcor Centre for Performing Arts, Calgary.

25, 27, 29 Jan. 2005.

*Performed for the Tunnel Vision: The International Festival of Animated Objects. The festival was held in association with the One Yellow Rabbit Performance Theatre’s annual festival, The 2005 High Performance Rodeo


パフォーマンス名:That Black Long Thing

パフォーマー:川畑陽子 & Danu



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