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Performed my original performance art piece for a collaborative art project, ‘Artaud’s Brain'(Vol.1)/オリジナルのパフォーマンスアート作品を「Artaud’s Brain」とコラボ公演(Vol.2)

Acting CV/パフォーマンス履歴

EPCOR Centre for Performing Arts (Source:


EPCOR Centre for Performing Arts (Source:

Performance Details/パフォーマンス詳細

Title/作品名: Artaud’s Brain.

Directed by/ディレクター: Sharon Adams.

Performers/パフォーマー: Yoko Kawabata, et al.

Venue/公演場所 : The JJ Young Room, EPCOR Centre for Performing Arts, Calgary.

Performed dates/公演日時 : 2, 4, 5 Jan. 2003.


I performed an original solo performance art piece for the collaborative art project at the Mutton Busting Performance Creation/Art Festival, The 2003 High Performance Rodeo.


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