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ASANOHA(Hemp leaf)Navy colour/麻の葉文(あさのはもん)紺色

Meaning of family crests/家紋の意味


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Meaning and History of the fabric patterns/文様の意味・歴史

A hexagonal pattern based on the hemp leaf, repeated as hexagonal stars.

Composed of horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lines, the hemp leaf stars can be linked together in allover patterns.

Source Traditional Japanese Patterns and Motifs

Asa-No-ha, as a pattern is one of the most popular patterns in Japanese culture, often seen on Japanese Kimonos and textiles. It is also found on the clothing of Buddhist statuary of the Heian (794–1185) through Muromachi (1336–1573) periods when the pattern was used for Kirikane ornaments. The design was also popular during the Edo period (1603–1868), when it was promoted by Iwai Hanshirou V.

Beliefs: Because, the hemp plant was known to grow rapidly and straight, the αsa-no-ha pattern was often added in children’s garments to encourage their healthy growth. Also the wives of merchants used to wear cloths with Asa-no-ha patterns to bring good fortune to the wearer.


It was often used as a motif on items for babies, as “[p]arents hoped that infants wearing it would develop with the vigor and toughness of the hemp plant.






出典  日本の文様

About this fabric/この布地について

Colour: Navy, white
Material: 100% Cotton

*Meaning & History of SEIGAIHA in details / 「青海波文様」の意味と歴史の詳細:

【カスタムオーダー・ソーイング】Easy foldable handmade PIKACHU eco-bag by Yoko(Hemp leaf)/メルボルン 在住のオーストラリア人男性のお客さま『Jayd en(ジェイデン)さん』に折りたためるエコバッグをハンドメイド♪日本のアニメ『ピカチュー』が大好きな彼への誕生日プレゼント♪バッグを折りたたむとピカチューが登場するびっくりデザイン!日本の家紋柄『麻の葉模様』も入ったデザインです♪
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▼ 虹織りアートワークショップ – 撮影 Shion Zion ▼
▼ 森の妖精と虹織りアート服 – 撮影 Shion Zion ▼
Meaning of family crests/家紋の意味

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