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昭和モダン(黒)/ Vintage Japanese signages (Black)

Meaning of family crests/家紋の意味

















Vintage Japanese signages (Black)

* [MEANING & HISTORY OF THE PATTERNS] Vintage signages for Japanese stores [e.g., Soy source, Miso (fermented soybean paste), Seaweed]

* [PATTERNS 1] Water

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* [PATTERNS 2] Pine

 (Still researching)

* [PATTERNS 3] Mountain

 (Still researching)

* [PATTERNS 4] Well

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* [PATTERNS 5] Bottle gourd

The fruit of the bottle gourd is relatively long, with a nipped in waist, and grows hard when it ripens, and it can be used to hold beverages.

The gourds, vines, and leaves are all used in patterns.  In the late Edo period, eccentric versions of the bottle gourd motif decorated the costumes worn by Kyogen performers.

Source: Traditional Japanese Patterns and Motifs

* [COLOUR] Black, white

* [MATERIAL] 100% Cotton.

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