虹織り①:虹の手織りで笑顔になあ〜れ♪無料フェイスブックライブ配信イベント/Weaving a Rainbow for “Rainbow Hunt” – Free Facebook live event



・The live event has finished, but I leave this recipe for your reference.

イベントで使う4つのもの / 4 things you need during the event

(1)長さ50cmぐらいの3本の枝 / 3 STICKS (about 50 cm long)

私は芝生の上に落ちてた乾いた枝を使いました/I picked up dry sticks from the ground



・Find sturdy sticks. You don’t want your ‘loom’ to get broken during the workshop (like I did while making the prototype).

・If you have unwanted chopsticks, you can use them instead, too.

(2)ハサミ / SCISSORS

(3)くし・フォークのどっちか / COMB or FOLK

(4)虹を織るためのカラフルな毛糸 / Colourful yarns to weave a rainbow



If you don’t have colourful yarns to weave a rainbow: You can use ribbons, embroidery threads, orup-cycled T-shirt yarns.

・Just utilise anything you can find at home now. Be creative!!

イベント前に準備してほしい1つのこと/1 thing to prepare prior to the event

3本の枝をヒモで固定させ三角形にする/Tie up the 3 sticks to form a triangle shape
3本の枝がグラグラ動かないようにキツく固定してね/Make sure your ‘frame loom’ is not wobbling


・There is 1 thing I want you to prepareprior to the event. Using 3 sticks, please make a triangle-shaped ‘frame loom’.

イベント詳細 / (Scroll down for English event details)









・無料。(あ、でも寄付は喜んでお受けしま〜す♪ )下のペイパルリンクから、いくらからでも、ご自由に寄付ができます:



・えっとね。私、虹色の糸で手織りするのが大好きなんですね。 私のFacebookページ「虹織りアーティスト」に、みんなの心が「パッ✨」と明るく、軽くなるような、幸せの虹の手織りの写真をたくさん載せてます。

・「いいね」してね。 (^ ^)

Event Details (ENGLISH)


・Sunday, 26th April 2020.


From 12PM until 1PM in Melbourne, Australia time (GMT +10).


・Live streamed at 12pm in Melbourne via my Facebook personal account.


・Free, but feel free (without pressure) to tip me at my link:


【Facebook Page for Rainbow Artist Weaver】

・I love weaving with rainbow colours. You will see various rainbow coloured handwoven scarves photos, which make you smile.

・’LIKE’ my Facebook Page ‘Rainbow Artist Weaver‘.

オーストラリアで見かける虹のデコレーション / Rainbow hunt







“Rainbow Hunt” help lifting spirits during lockdown

Getting out of the house to exercise and get some fresh air is recommended as long as you use social distancing practices. My neighborhoods are setting up scavenger hunts to brighten the day of kids and parents alike. 

My hubby and I have been on a walk lately, and have encountered a bear or two (stuffed bears), as well as rainbows! People all around the country are placing rainbows in their windows so that kids can go on “Rainbow hunts” in their neighborhoods.  

As I’m a weaver who like to weave in rainbow colours (Rainbow Artist Weaver), I thought I can do a weaving workshop for people who needs a bit of happy rainbow to lift spirits. 


虹の手織りアートの作り方レシピだよ♪ / How to video: Weaving your rainbow for “Rainbow Hunt”

楽しい手織りを〜♪ Happy weaving!

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