Magic felt sunglasses cases (魔法のフェルトのサングラスケース)


Sewing felt sunglasses cases. More yummy colours to come soon! I’ll bring them to the Brewery Yard Markets this Sunday! The felt material protect your sunglasses from your scratch marks. It is light weighted and not bulky to carry when you are wearing your sunglasses.

There is an amazing trick for this felt case–when you take out your sunglasses from the case, your glasses are gently rubbed against the felt material, therefore, always clean to wear!!  (In above photo, I didn’t clean the sunglasses for the sake of taking this photo. They came out like this without any finger marks)

今週日曜のBrewery Yard Marketsで販売するサングラスケースを縫ってます。この後も、続々と美味しそうな色が出来ますよー。フェルトがサングラスを傷から守ってくれます。軽量で、サングラスを使用中の間もコンパクトに持ち運べます。