Good mouse for AutoCAD


I’ve been using AutoCAD for doing my school assignments.  I’ve purchased Microsoft 3500 Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse for $36-ish… Wireless is fantastic!!


I realised this mouse is useless for AutoCAD. The middle wheel is crucial function for ZOOM IN/OUT or PAN in AutoCAD, but this mouse doesn’t do what it supposed to do…  There are ways to do ZOOM IN/OUT or Pan without using the wheel, but it would be a lot slower and I didn’t like it.

I had read many websites to fix those problems, and finally found the solution for setting up the PAN function. But not ZOOM IN/OUT…

Then I found the following link that show how problematic this wireless mouse was:

I now gave up to fix the ZOOM IN/OUT problem. I asked around to find a better mouse and a classmate told me that her cheap $16 mouse works just fine. It is called, Logitech M90 Optical Mouse and $16 at the Officeworks (office supplies store) in Australia.

But I acidentally found an even better store in my neighbour today. The same mouse was sold for $9 there:


The store is called, MSY Technology (NSW) Pty. Ltd. This is their website:


The store is Chinese owned and interior design or shop display is not very attractive at all. In fact, most products are not on display. They are on back shelves behind the long cashier table where no customers can’t browse. I couldn’t go see what kinds of mouse they would have in the store. So, I asked a shop worker if they would carry ‘Logitech M90 mouse’ and the guy went to a back shelf and brought the product!!! WOW, I had never seen such an computer store where a customer can’t browse the products by themselves!!!

But their products are a lot cheaper than other store, and I might go back again. I just need to do some research prior to visit the store so that I can just name the product and buy.