Tote bag (Arrow feathers, Navy) / トートバッグ(矢絣、紺色)



Made a large tote bag. This is perfect for grocery shopping.  Square shape at base and it  can hold a lot of items. It has a wide opening and very easy to place grocery items into this bag. The small loop (Blue elastic band. See the 4th photo from top) is quite useful to hook the bag onto the stand at the supermarket checkout.  I added a cover button on the other side of the bag so that the loop can be hooked to this button to close the bag, too. 
(Materials: 100% Cotton)


About ‘Arrow-feather’ pattern: 

The pattern called Yamane 矢羽 (arrow-feather) or Yagasuri 矢飛白, 矢絣 (arrow-splash pattern) represents the fletching on an arrow and it has been popular in Japan since the Heian era. Originally yabane was used on men’s clothing, because it reminds of archery, but since the Meiji era it has been used as schoolgirls dress (remember Haikarasan ga tooru?). Yabane has an auspicious association with weddings, since like an arrow shot from a bow a bride does not return to her parents’ house. Yabane is also loosely associated with hamaya, the “demon quelling” arrows sold as good luck charms at shrines at New Years and the broken off fletching of an arrow is widely regarded as a charm for repelling bad luck. Click HERE to read more details on ‘Arrow feathers’ pattern. 




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