Studio3, Pro1 – Material space



[Design Studio 3] Project 1 – Material space

I chose ‘paper’ for my assignment. Click below to read the detailed brief:


Your client is a company that supplies materials to the construction industry.  They have appointed you to sign their product display for an upcoming trade show in the Darling Harbour Exhibition Centre.  you are asked to consider the special properties of the materials that they offer in the range and display them in a new and exciting way to maximise their exposure to visitors at the event and allow those visitors to really appreciate the intrinsic virtues of the material and the potential for design innovation inherent in them.   

You may determine whether the company that has commissioned you supplies: 

  • Plastic
  • Glass
  • Textiles
  • Paper
  • Stone
  • Concrete
  • Timber
  • Metal
  • Clay products

Explore the materials and develop a range of conceptual responses to them, responses that evoke emotions and ideas.  Consider properties such as the fragility of glass, the malleability & ductility of metal, the ephemeral nature of paper.  

Select one material from this group.  E.g., paper or stone or metal and them select a palette of that material e.g., several papers or several types of glass or several kinds of metal.  Your palette cannot be a mixture, e.g., it cannot include say paper, wood and metal.  Your stand must be build exclusively of the palette of materials that you selected. 

Explore your concept about your chosen material by defining a space that fills a double cube 3 metres stand will be clamouring for it.  Consider how the visitor will

  • See the stand from a distance
  • Approach the stand
  • Enter it (transition)
  • and interact with the materials
  • as well as how the space is defined and enclosed. 
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